Level 1 Online Aggregate Technician Training

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and following the safety guidelines put in place by the CDC & the Ohio Dept. of Health, the Level 1 Aggregate Technician training is being offered online at this time.

This online course is divided into segments that you will be able to do at your own pace within a 3 day timeframe. At the end of the training you will be allowed 3 hours for the testing that will be open book and open note.

Please go to www.oaimatraining.org  and select “Create New Account” (Each Technician needs to set up their own account).

Once you set up your account you will be able to select the course - “Level 1 Aggregate Technician Training & Test”.  You will get an email when you have been issued access for the training.  Please do not start the course until you have received your Level 1 training manual in the mail. Once the training course is selected (started) your 3 day timeframe will begin.  Once the training  portion is finished click the “Classroom” button to get to the test.  Once you start the test your 3 hour timeframe will start.

Once the test is submitted you will immediately see your results and what to expect regarding getting your Certificate.


FAA P-501 Spec for Airport Runways

Accelerated Polishing Test Procedure for HMA Pavements
Click here: Long Term Validation of an Accelerated polishing Test Procedure for HMA Pavements


Going Green

"A Guide for the Use of Aggregates in Porous Pavements"
(click here) Going Green



Well-Graded Aggregate Presentations - OAIMA Annual Meeting 2010

ORMCA Well Graded Presentation (click here)

ODOT Well Graded Presentation (click here)

Aggregate Quality Control & Assurance

Technician Lists

Registration Forms


Level I and Level II Aggregate Technician Training are considered two different courses of study and both require re-certification at the time of expiration.

Aggregate Technician Re-Certification Dates
Online Re-Certification Request Form

Level 1 and Level 2 Manual Updates

Replace these pages in your Level 1 & Level 2 Aggregate Technician  Manuals if manuals were received before August 2010.


Technician Lists recently Updated! - Once certifications expire technician will be required to take class and test to regain certification. 


Contact the OAIMA office at 614-428-7954 or 1-800-OH-ROCKS (toll free) for further information.

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