Membership Benefits

The Ohio Aggregates & Industrial Minerals Association (OAIMA) is made up of active members, those individuals and companies engaged in the production and marketing of aggregates and industrial minerals in the state of Ohio and also includes associate members, those individuals and companies that manufacture or sell equipment or materials used by the active members, or provide services needed by the aggregates and industrial minerals industry.


OAIMA provides a distinct, clear and unified voice for the aggregates and industrial minerals industry. OAIMA acts in the best interests of the industry regarding all mining related issues, including public and community relations, safety, reclamation, environmental concerns, and material specifications. OAIMA presents the industry's views on these issues to state and federal legislators, government regulatory and non-regulatory agencies, allied industries, and the general public.


OAIMA membership is like money in the bank. OAIMA Membership offers a sound business investment. OAIMA enables members to operate more efficiently and economically through it's active roll than can be done by an individual company. OAIMA is truly an investment in the future.


Seminars, workshops, and the Annual Meeting give members an opportunity to become better informed on industry issues. These meetings also give members an opportunity to network with their colleagues.


OAIMA is the voice of Ohio's aggregates and industrial minerals industry. OAIMA's voice is distinct and clear, where an individual's voice sometimes goes unnoticed. OAIMA's voice becomes stronger as the industry becomes unified across Ohio with increased membership and participation.

Services & Benefits

  • Complies and distributes (statewide circulation) annual Directory of members
  • Association sends out weekly newsletters / advertising available
  • Provides 'Instant Information' through timely e-mail notices and mailings and OAIMA web site.
  • Sponsors and participates in Ohio's Industrial Minerals & the Environment Teachers Workshops
  • Members experience huge savings by participating in our Worker's Compensation Group Rating Program
  • Safety Seminars
  • Aggregate Technician Workshops
  • A variety of Educational Programs and Tools
  • OAIMA partners with other state and national organizations to improve the industry not only in Ohio, but nationwide.

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